Love. Inspiration. Responsibility.


“Love is not a feeling. It’s an ability.”

This goes way beyond romantic love. It encompasses pretty much every aspect of living, including my relationship to myself, the way I interact with colleagues, students, family, and clients, and my partner.

Learning to integrate this concept into all areas of my life, I am seeing how empowering it is to take responsibility for how I love.

In a similar way, inspiration is an ability. The picture I posted on Instagram of the door of the art room at school is a great example of taking responsibility for cultivating inspiration. Sometimes it’s just a matter of getting myself into the studio, sitting down in front of the easel and applying paint without a plan--or devoting time to working in my sketchbook while I’m away from home. Together with my incredible career coach, I realized that, like love, it is critical for me to take ownership over my inspiration. Whether it’s giving myself an incentive to get to work (cookies are good for that), or permissioning 15 minute increments of artmaking, or referring to my ever-expanding list of things that inspire me (playing guitar, taking a walk, dancing, singing, etc.), inspiration is an ability, a responsibility, that I get to cultivate. Like love, this notion of creating inspiration takes practice and patience, but will ultimately serve me well, as an artist, as a Soul Journey guide, and as a human.

How do you generate and practice love and inspiration?