Happy New Year!

Inside my recently rearranged studio in Eugene, Oregon.

Inside my recently rearranged studio in Eugene, Oregon.

Happy New Year, Inner Visionaries!

Looking back across the last year, I am in total awe. A year ago, I was just starting to learn how to create structure in my life, how to live with self-discipline in service of my artistry. I was taking my first steps into setting goals of all sizes, and learning how to get complete with the goals that I didn’t achieve.

Fast forward to today: the studio is the first place I go in the morning, coffee in hand (and to be fair, it’s a room in my house, so I have the luxury of remaining bleary-eyed and bedraggled as I take my first brushstrokes of the day). Painting is as automatic and necessary as washing the dishes, and feels just as important. It’s a piece of my life that needs consistent care and nurturance, but it took a lot of practice to develop the time and space for it in my daily routine. I absolutely could not have done it without patience and compassion.

I am learning how to shed the “all or nothing” attitude that has pervaded so many aspects of my adult life. With a busy teaching schedule, making time to paint and write can be challenging. If I set a daily goal and don’t reach it, the ability to hold space for myself and find closure before the next set of goals begins is crucial for keeping the momentum going.

Do you set goals? What is your practice of celebrating achieving goals, or of compassion for not quite reaching them?

Thank you for reading this. I look forward to hearing from you.

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