I don't just paint.

I have this idea in my mind. It’s not even an idea so much as a rule, a regulation. I don’t know where these things come from. But my mind tells me to keep all the things I do separate and disparate. Therefore you, sweet Inner Visionaries, know me primarily as a painter and a guide.

But my heart is speaking to me: tell them about the other stuff, Katie! Bring it all together!

She’s right. You deserve to know more. So here’s a little bit more about what I do:

·      I am an art educator. I teach in two middle schools, and at the local community college. I also teach private lessons. And alas, my students know me primarily as a teacher. Soon, I'll share my art with them so they can see that Ms. Katie does stuff outside of the classroom.

·      I am a writer. I am working on my first manuscript right now! Well, ok, not right at this exact moment, but you know what I mean….

·      I am an organizer. I put together this community event that I am so excited about. It’s a celebration of women’s voices, and one of the most inspiring evenings I’ve experienced in recent months. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

·      I am a certified yoga instructor and I practice yoga regularly.

There are incredible moments in life when several of these parts of me coalesce. Like the time I organized a “Meditation and Creation” artist reception, and everyone who showed up joined me in a circle of meditating, drawing, and writing in lieu of a more traditional artist’s reception. Or whenever I teach one of my favorite classes during a summer residency at the Omega Institute, “Impermanence: Exploring Attachment and Aversion in Art.”

As I continue to grow and evolve, I look forward to the ever-overlapping nature of all of the things I love to do, and bringing them all to you, a sacred offering. I am growing my mission of exploring the powerful union of art and healing. Thank you for joining me.

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Tree rings near one of my favorite hiking spots in Eugene, Oregon, February 2018.

Tree rings near one of my favorite hiking spots in Eugene, Oregon, February 2018.