The Journey Inward


For the last several days, I have been preparing to embark on a wilderness adventure. More than a mere backpacking trip, this is a journey inward, an opportunity to tune into and sharpen my inner listening abilities, integrate fear, and honor my authentic self.
During the summer solstice, I’ll be off the grid, out of range, away from civilization, and immersed in the sacred space of the earth herself. I intend to lay on the ground and stare up at the vast, infinite, starry night sky while breathing deeply and dancing between the effort and softness required to enter into flow. I will call in compassion and integrity every step of the way. And I will hold space for all of the beautiful plants and animals that I encounter, including myself.

 I will be thinking of you as well.
As I am typing, the sun is slowly falling into dusk and an orange rain is softening the warm air, an offering of renewal.
Will you take a journey inward, too? Will you listen to your own heartbeat, and what your voice, stripped of society, says?
This is an invitation to dance with your own sacred self, stretching it into the act of creation.
Much Love to each and every one of you.