Transitioning with Grace

Blue Light  by Katie Schuessler,  Inner Visions Studios

Blue Light by Katie Schuessler, Inner Visions Studios

The question on my mind right now is, how do we move through transitions with Grace? Whether I’m on my yoga mat, getting ready to move to a new space, or contemplating a composition in paint, transitions are prevalent in daily life. During major transitions, there are moments when I want to stop and scream, or collapse and refuse to move. But ultimately, I must dance with the changing flows of life’s currents.

The breath and the brush are amazing tools for learning to navigate change. I offer both with my coaching services. In my sessions, you’ll learn to breathe with intention while listening inwardly to your creative intuition. As you honor your voice via your brush, you’ll develop awareness that allows you to stay present and offer love to yourself during times of transition. Please reach out if you’d like more info; I can provide both in-person and remote sessions.

As I dive into the tides of transition, I invite you to join me in finding your center, the best inner compass and a source of great Grace. What do you do to meet yourself in times of change?