Connecting to Breath.

Untitled  by Katie Schuessler

Untitled by Katie Schuessler

Hello lovelies.

Before you read any more of this, pause and close your eyes. Take three deep, nourishing breaths. Stay with your breath for each inhale and each exhale.

Then, come back.

Welcome. :)

Isn’t it amazing how just three breaths can re-center your whole sense of self? The more I teach and practice, the more I am convinced that one of yoga’s biggest lessons is simply to learn how breathe.

When I’m teaching art, I often get so focused on my students that I forget to pay attention to my breath. When I’m painting, I often hold my breath, especially during moments of meticulous detail. When I feel anxious, I lose my thread of breath and it becomes shallow. Yet each time I remember to find my inhales and exhales, I gain a sense of energy and clarity that I didn’t know I was missing. It just takes a moment to reconnect to your deepest self and find center again.

For the next few weeks, I encourage you to practice pausing to take three deep breaths whenever it occurs to you. And let me know how it goes!