Your Power.

Discovering the Light Within by Katie Schuessler. Prints are available  here .

Discovering the Light Within by Katie Schuessler. Prints are available here.

Exactly one year ago on a sunny June day, I embarked on a guided journey toward my inner voice. In the wilderness of Oregon and with the support of an incredible group of participants and facilitators, I was able to embrace and listen to myself in a deeper way than ever, and to push out toxicity that wasn’t serving me.  

There is so much to share about that experience (I could write a book about it!), but this month I want to focus on just one aspect: power.  

As a result of that wondrous walk, I began the challenging work of reclaiming my power. On that stunning mountainside and beside that pristine creek, I came to grips with just how much I had lost touch with my own inherent power over the course of my life. Simultaneously I realized that the word power in and of itself held negative connotations for me. I had been shunning it, turning away from it like a rotting stench. 

I had to dig deep to the roots of my misunderstanding in order to excavate the heavy burden of this notion that power is bad. Power is not bad. Power belongs to all of us. Power gives us the opportunity to remain steady in the face of violence and hate. Power gives us energy to do healing work. Power permits us to be compassionate, and power is what allows us to listen within.  

Power radiates like a brilliant, beautiful light, allowing us to give grace to the world through our many gifts.  

When I painted Discovering the Light Within a few years ago, I hadn’t yet begun the work of reclaiming my power, but I had some inkling of what was alive inside of me. Creating that painting, although I didn’t know it at the time, was the beginning of this journey toward redefining my relationship with power. The yellow light that radiates out from within represents what I saw coming from my solar plexus. I know now that it was merely a glimpse, a tiny sliver, of the energy that lives within.

I didn’t wake up one morning and suddenly have this new and amazing relationship with power. It’s a living, breathing dynamic, just like any marriage or friendship. It continues to grow and evolve as I learn to listen and trust within. I encourage you to explore your relationship with power in your own way. It might be through a creative practice like cooking or knitting. It might be through writing. It might be through walking in the wilderness alone or with a group.

Whatever it is, find your way and find your power because you are worthy of every single drop of it.