Selfishness and Selflessness

My old nest in Eugene, OR.

My old nest in Eugene, OR.

To know thyself is not a personal indulgence; it’s a global imperative. –Isadora Duncan

December is gorgeous and magical. It pulls and lulls me inward; I find myself going into deeper spaces within my body and spirit. It feels as though I am digesting all of the energy of the spring and summer, quietly nesting and creating every day that I am able.

Although it all sounds lovely and warm, there have been many tough days this particular December. Rising before the sun and getting home from a long day of teaching well after dark has definitely taken a toll on me. Plus, various challenges in the workplace have pushed me to question my role in the education system more than ever. The good that has come of this, though, is that I am inspired to seek ways that I can better serve my community. The key is to keep my own energy full and flowing, so that I am able to offer everyone I work with the best quality experiences and creations.  

Many years ago, I got hit hard with the revelation that “you have to be selfish in order to be selfless.” By taking care of my inner self, tending to my self-care, and listening to my intuition, I am filling my well and have abundant energy to pour into working with people and the creative process. My lack of energy following the December weeks of school are a great indicator that my selfishness is lagging—and that I need to get it back on track! I’ve got a school year to finish, and I intend to do so with a full well.

The nuts and bolts of self-care are ultimately up to each individual. For me, it means consistent yoga practice, plenty of sleep, daily meditation, and regular creativity.

Tending to ourselves is a big part of what keeps creative energy flowing, so self-care and the cultivation of inner listening are also embedded in the work I do with adults. I offer small group and private classes as well as coaching sessions for those with any level of artistic experience. Please contact me to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

How will you keep your well full in the New Year? Comment below!