Vibrant colors across canvas, layers of shapes and textures, the richness of marks and lines – this is as close as I get to truth.

I've always been an artist, but it took getting brave and looking deeply within for me to claim that.

I spent many years trying to drown out the pain of my past. I did everything I could to avoid it. In doing so, I denied my creativity and my inner voice.

Decades later, I'm finally uncovering myself.

Through creativity and compassion, I cultivate love and freedom  – every day.

Listening to my artistic intuition produces an abundance of energy. It spirals out into honoring my own existence, and engages the courage to live my heart. This inspires me to work with others to touch their own inherent creativity. It is truly a form of deep healing from the inside out. Through the act of art-making, I return to my most authentic self.

The world of my acrylic paintings is home to recognizable subjects--culled from dreams and visions--dwelling in abstract spaces. Saturated colors drench the canvases, evoking the boldness with which inspiration often strikes me.

Working with the language of dreams and the landscape of consciousness, my paintings are an exploration of color, intuition, and healing.

I ask viewers to permission their own experience, perception, and exploration of self, and to breathe with awareness through it all.